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Coral Flowers

About your flowers

The process preserving your flowers

Once you decide you would like to preserve your flowers. Message me to confirm your wedding or event date. We take flowers on availability.

Once we have your date confirm. 

You can make your deposit. This deposit will go towards the full price for the preservation. 

We will send you information on getting your flowers to us and the process and time on your flower's preservation. 


Looking for a special way to preserve your flowers as if they were frozen in time? This listing is exclusive using your own flowers, which will require you to ship them to my studio on your own expense.


Flower preservation can be done with any special flower event such as Weddings, Engagement, Memorial or Funeral.Before placing your order, please message us for availability before the event takes place.


Fresh flowers are very delicate and are to be MAILED-OVERNIGHT within 24-72 hours after the event so that they arrive in their best condition for preservation.

All you have to know:


This listing price of 10% RESERVATION DEPOSIT ONLY- this non-refundable deposit will go towards the cost of the finished product.We also accept pre-dried flowers, if you have already dried your flowers, whether they were air-dried, pressed or professionally dried, please let us know and we will provide detailed shipping instructions. If you are sending pre-dried flowers, overnight shipping is not necessary, but highly recommend priority shipping.If you place an order without contacting us, we will contact you, and provide detailed information about your order.


The timeline for completion depends on when we receive your flowers, the condition and the size of the arrangement. The preservation process can take from 4- 6 WEEKS


Once you place your order for the reservation deposit we will send you shipping and care instructions so you can mail your flowers properly.Please keep your flowers in water following your event until you ship/ drop-off your flowers.

Choose your size and style mold you would like to purchase 

Send us an email with that information prior to shipping your flowers. We will follow up with a final invoice (minus your deposit) AFTER your flowers have dried and your layout design has been approved by you. Payment is due upon receipt in order to start pouring resin on your flowers.

After your event, you or a loved one will overnight ship your flowers.

We highly recommend you OVERNIGHT your flowers after the event to us.
Please note, shipping information If you'd like an estimate on shipping costs, please use the zip code 11418 New York

If your wedding falls on a Friday or Saturday, please confirm with the courier of your choice that they will guarantee next day delivery, otherwise hold on to your flowers to ship until MONDAY for TUESDAY delivery, as most ups/ FedEx stores do not work on Sundays, so if you drop off your flowers on a Saturday or Sunday, the flowers will just sit on the box for an extra day or 2 before they get to me.

If you are a local area of NYC and  Brooklyn, Queens  area customer:  let me know

Upon receiving your flowers we will send you pictures of how the flowers arrived.
Please keep in mind that the condition of the flowers I receive will be what I work with.


We will begin drying ALL your flowers the same day we receive them and once dried only the best suited florals out of your bouquet will be used.ESTIMATE  2-4 weeks  before we can provide a layout for you.


Once your flowers have been dried we will provide the style of mold you choose of your bouquet for you to review.


During the drying process, the color of the flowers may darken or fade. Fresh red roses will darken up to a dark burgundy, pink roses will turn to a slight purple/grey, and white flowers may turn into a creamy beige. 


You are responsible for following the instructions we provide via email, and we are not accountable for any flower damages during shipment. If your bouquet doesn't arrive, you'll have to forfeit your deposit. All sales are final, and no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations can be made once the flower drying process has begun.u have any specific questions about any flowers, please shoot us a message!e the layout has been approved, we will begin the creative resin process.

If you'd like to include any Glitter, background color or Photo of your choice let me know.


Ask about our Decorative Acrylic Trays and other shapes. We also offer add ons! 

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