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Welcome to our Online Custom Shop


Place your custom order for Flower Preservation, Photo & Flower Trays, Candle Holders, Coasters, Ring Heart Dish, Pressed Flowers Hanging Frames, Artwork Preservation and Handmade Necklaces in Resin

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We do a variety of Flower Preservations:

Bridal Bouquets – Birthdays- Graduations - Memorial Flowers

Fresh dried flowers Preserve in Resin in many of our mold size you can choose.

 We do many custom order trays & hanging frames  with press dry flowers or Photos.


Reserve your wedding / occasion flowers date as soon as possible.

We can only take a number of orders per week.

Flower Preservation BLOCKS  takes approximately 4-12 weeks.


Trays, Candle holder or any other items you would like to custom order, we will discuss by email on how long it will take to finish and ship.


There is a  $50.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date to get your flower preservation, and trays done.   Only taking orders within the untied states.  Full payment due before sending us your flowers to preserve in resin, once you make a deposit we will discuss by email or by phone call by appointment, the designs and colors you choose.

All balances are due before you mail us your flowers and photos to start your flower preservation.  If you decided to cancel, your $50.00 deposit is non-refundable.  Once we received your deposit to reserve your date we will email you instructions on how to pack and ship your flowers, photos or any things you want to add into your preservation block.

We must discuss  on any other items you want to add that can preserve in resin before

You send us the items.  Daisyann Creation is not responsible for any flowers damaged in shipping.  Once we received your flowers or items, we will email you as to the condition  we received the flowers or items if there is any damages


As working with resin and flowers the will be some mishap, each flowers dry and preserve best base on the type of flowers. We can’t guarantee perfection with resin casting.  Flowers changes color to a dark shade as to be expected and you may lose some flowers.  Flowers may get a little brown or discoloration and as for resin you may get some bubbles that turn into tiny holes. We do our best to get your flowers preservation as perfect as we can.  Remember you are preserving your memories in a block or any other way you choose to keep your special day memories  a life for years to come.

Custom Bookings & Deposit Form

A $50 deposit (payment form below) is required to reserve your spot, and 50% payment to begin all services.

What would you like to order?

Thanks for your deposit! We'll get in touch with you as soon as we review the details.

Contact us by email at if you have additional comments, questions and concerns.

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